Looking to rent a room on Väktargatan?

Tenants on Väktargatan have access to guestroom, party room and sauna, photo lab. Find out more about the rooms or browse the photos.


There are 5 guest rooms with access to toilet and pentry. (Shower and sauna in separate a building). You can book the guestrooms for a maximum of two weeks.

Rent: 75 SEK/room per night, 400 SEK/week, key deposit SEK.
Väktargatan 64
  • 1 x double room
  • 2 x twin rooms


The party room fits 30 persons and is located at Väktargatan 62, beneath the Laundry room. Fully equipped kitchen with utensils dishwasher, stove, oven. Fold-able tables, chairs, stereo & WiFi. Rent is 300 SEK Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, otherwise 150 SEK per day. Deposit 500 SEK.


We have one sauna with showers and a dressing room at Väktargatan 62. Key-tag costs 50 SEK, no additional rent. Just sign the booking schedule outside the sauna you want to use.


Contact: Lennart Ohlsson 018-21 18 48
Fully equipped old school dark room for black & white development. Everyone pays for their own development liquids and paper. 500 SEK deposit.