Here you can book guest rooms

We want to emphasize that it is still IMPORTANT that the guest / guests clean properly and disinfect handles, toilets, water taps etc and even the keys before giving them back

Also pay attention to the hand hygiene

NOTE! If it is not possible to book the guest room in the calendar, despite the room not being booked or reserved, this indicates that the booking has been closed by the group responsible for rentals. During summer- and christmas holidays it is not unusual that this occurs due to leave. If the rental is closed outside of the vacation times, this indicates that the rental group of the board has become to small and can not handle any rentals. If you want to be part of the rental group, contact us through the contact form on this website!

In the area there are 5 guest rooms with access to the kitchenette (with water, microwave and a water boiler) and toilet. Shower and sauna are located at Väktargatan 62 below the laundry room. Maximum rent time in a row is 2 weeks.

Guest room rental: 75 SEK / room and night, 400 SEK / week,

Deposit is 500 SEK (which is returned if everything is in good condition after the rental period ends).

Please note that when renting a single room, other guests can rent other rooms in the same appartment adress.

Please note that the premises can only be rented by residents on Väktargatan. Please include ID verification to verify you.

If you want to book multiple guest rooms, you must make the reservation for each guest room individually. Booking request confirmation will be sent by email. Note that the booking request confirmation may end up in the spam. We reserve the right to deny bookings if they are done close to the booking date or if none of our rental managers have the time to administer the booking. Confirmation can be expected at the earliest two weeks before the booking occurs.

Please read through the documents below. You also need to bring ID when signing the contract.

Renting contract
During use
When checking out

OBS – Bokningen är stängd tills vidare på grund av för få engagerade i styrelsen // Booking is closed until further notice due to lack of engagement in the board.