Our Premises

You who live at Väktargatan have access to the guest room, party room, sauna and photo lab. Read more about the rooms here and click on the icons to get to the booking.

Party room

The meeting room can accommodate 30 people and is located at Väktargatan 62, under the laundry room. The room has a table and chairs and a fully equipped kitchen with glassware, crockery, dishwasher, stove, oven, etc. Toilet available. The rent is 300 SEK on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, weekends and SEK 150 on other weekdays. The deposit fee is 500 kr.


In the area there are 5 guest rooms with access to kitchenette and toilet. (Shower and sauna are in a separate building).

Rent: 75 kr / room and night, 400 kr / week, deposit will be charged by 500 kr.

Väktargatan 50
1 room with double bed
1 room with three single beds

Väktargatan 64
1 room with double bed
2 rooms with two single beds


Spacious and fresh sauna with shower and changing room can be found at Väktargatan 62. Key-tag costs 50 kr, one-time investment, it doesn't cost to use the sauna. The sauna is booked, up to three hours at a time, on the reservation list outside the sauna.

Väktargatans Förtroenderåd is your local tenants association. Since 1967 we strive to make Väktargatan in Uppsala a cozier neighbourhood by continous dialogue with the landlord. We also:

  • manage six guest rooms, at 75 kr/night.
  • manage a party room, from 150 kr/night.
  • manage sauna and photo lab.
  • publish a leaflet called Väktarbladet
  • hold meetings once per semester
  • participate in the annual rent negotiations with the landlord, via HUS (the umbrella organization for Uppsala Student Tenants’ associations)

N.B. Väktargatans Förtroenderåd does not handle service requests (contact Studenstaden instead), for legal assistance contact HUS). Our VAT # 817607-1457, PlusGiro 14 32 95-4, swish 1234676292.

The board

The Board, elected by the Annual General Meeting, manages the company's ongoing activities. Take care of the premises, meets the landlord regularly and participates in various ways in the annual rental negotiations. You are welcome to contact us with questions about Väktargatan. For questions about bookings - see the tab "premises".

Victor Bergseije


-leder våra styrelsemöten och inspirerar oss i våra uppdrag
-sköter hemsidan, sociala medier och Väktarbladet
-sköter uthyrning av festlokalen
representant i HUS fullmäktige (HUS är vår paraplyorganisation)

Jonas Eliasson


-sköter bokföring, balanserar vår budget dvs håller koll på intäkter och utgifter
-representant i HUS fullmäktige (HUS är vår paraplyorganisation)

Håkan Ademving


-håller ordning på protokollen
-representant i HUS fullmäktige (HUS är vår paraplyorganisation).

Lauri Mesilaakso

Sauna responsible

-säljer nyckeltaggar till bastun

Elodie Chapurlat

Guestroom responsible

-sköter uthyrning av gästrummen

Mubarak Ali

Partyroom responsible

-sköter uthyrning av festlokalen
-representant i HUS fullmäktige (HUS är vår paraplyorganisation)

Lennart Ohlsson

Photoroom responsible

018 - 211 848

-håller fotolabbet i prima skick (det enda fungerande fotolabbet inom Studentstaden)
-introducerar dig gärna i framkallningens magiska värld!
ersättare i styrelsen



Closed premises!

Dear neighbors on Väktargatan, HUS has closed our premises because our association has not been active this term. We have been able to manage Guest Room, Sauna and Party Room, but we have not been Läs mer…


Move of premises

On 2 September, we will be moving out of the premises at Väktargatan 12 (study room), Väktargatan 24 (pingis and sauna) and Väktargatan 26 (Guest room). Therefore, it will not be possible to use these Läs mer…

Find Us

With bus: take bus 3 (Östra Nyby - Östra Gottsunda) to Bureusgatan. You can also take bus 41 to Wennerbergsgatan.

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