Deck chairs, the lovely scent of BBQ or home grown strawberries. A patio can be both a blessing and a total disaster. Here are some ground rules we and Studentstaden have agreed upon. 

Since the rules have varied over the years, not all patios meet these requirements – yet.

Responsibility: you as a tenant are responsible for keeping your patio in good shape.

Measurements: your patio reaches 3 meters from your apartment wall. The width equals your apartments brick wall, approximately 7 meters.

Fences: fences shall be maximum 90 cm high and kept neutral in color or painted white. You are not allowed to put a fence around water tap or the colored part of the house wall.

Other surfaces: do not put furniture or plants on the kitchen side of the apartment. These and other public surfaces are to be kept clear.

Water key: you can buy a key to the water tap at hardware stores such as Clas Ohlson, Jula, Biltema etc for about fifty kronor.

Help with trimming: Studentstaden can give you some help with trimming trees and bushes. Just make a normal service request.

Inspection: your patio will be inspected when you move out. Studentstaden may also contact you if your patio is not kept in good shape or if you brake these rules.