Väktargatans Förtroenderåd is your local tenants association. Since 1967 we strive to make Väktargatan in Uppsala a cozier neighbourhood by continous dialogue with the landlord. We also:

  • manage six guest rooms, at 75 kr/night.
  • manage a party room, from 150 kr/night.
  • manage sauna and photo lab.
  • publish a leaflet called Väktarbladet
  • hold meetings once per semester
  • participate in the annual rent negotiations with the landlord, via HUS (the umbrella organization for Uppsala Student Tenants’ associations)

N.B. Väktargatans Förtroenderåd does not handle service requests (contact Studenstaden instead), for legal assistance contact HUS).

Our VAT # 817607-1457, PlusGiro 14 32 95-4, swish 1234676292.