On 2 September, we will be moving out of the premises at Väktargatan 12 (study room), Väktargatan 24 (pingis and sauna) and Väktargatan 26 (Guest room).
Therefore, it will not be possible to use these premises as of September 1st. These premises will go to Djäkegatans tenant association.
If you are close to the 2nd of September, we really appreciate some moving aid handles, as we will move things to the premises at Väktargatan 50, 62 and 64.
The only guest rooms that will be available for rent are they at 64 Until we got into the study rooms we intended to transform into the guest room.

Väktargatan’s trust council is a tenant association where the work of the board is ideal for us all residents on Väktargatan.
What we do for the guest rooms, the party room, the sauna and other activities takes place in our spare time.
Therefore, please understand the problems that may arise (time fitting, etc.).
You are very welcome to join the board to relieve us but also do more for Väktargatan’s tenant association, which gives us all a more cozy and better Väktargatan.

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