As you may have noticed the condition and sizes of neighbour’s patios vary. In order to set a standard the tenant’s association and Studentstaden have agreed upon rules for sizes, fences etc. These rules apply to all new tenants and when ”older” tenants move out.

Size: your patio is 3 meter deep, from the house wall. The width is approx 7 meters, i.e. the same as your apartments tile wall.

Fences: fences should be max 90 cm and may be painted in white only or kept wood coloured. You are not allowed to fence in water tapes or the ”colored walls” in between patios.

Andra spaces: do not put furniture or plants outside the kitchen side of the apartment.

Maintenance: you are responsible for keeping you patio in condition. Studentstaden can help you trim bushes – to some extent. Make a normal service request. Patios not taken care of may be cleared by the landlord, after contacting you.

Inspecion: the patio will be inspected when you move out.

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