This years rent raise will result in several improvements on Väktargatan. Although the exact kronas and percentages will be presented later, when both parties have signed the deal, a couple of projects have been revealed. These are the planned developments in our neighbourhood:

Bike parking with under roof is a dream come true. 100 new bike parks will be installed on Väktargatan. The bike parks have been an ongoing subject of discussion between us and the landlord. Now the idea will actually materialize.

The muddy path from Väktargatan to Kantorsgatan/Tycho Hedén will be paved with asphalt. The path is heavily trafficked and will surely be much appreciated by both pedestrians, bikers, and drivers of baby strollers.

Our tenants association also gets a couple of long-awaited improvements. Guestrooms, studyrooms and other rentable rooms will be equipped with internet sockets, making it possible to go online via Upunet-S. A small pentry will also be installed in the table tennisroom.

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