The annual meeting for Väktargatans tenants association will be held Sunday 26 February at 16:00. All residents of Väktargatan are welcome to attend. We will serve a simple dinner.

At the annual meeting a new board will be elected and decisions will be made regarding this years budget and activities. The board elected in 2011 will also present the economic results and what the association has done during the past year.

During the meeting you’ll get the latest info about this years rent negotiations and the landlords upcoming projects. If you’ve just moved to Väktargatan we’ll tell you more about the rooms you can rent and what Väktargatans förtroenderåd does.

If you would like to be part of the board during 2012 please come to the meeting and present yourself. You might even get elected! The boards work is not that heavy, it takes a couple of hours every month. Meanwhile you get to know your neighbours and get a real chance of making Väktargatan a better place!

The annual meeting is also the last chance to replace your old key for the saunas and the pingpong room – if you want to retrieve your deposition. If you just want to buy an new keytag the price is 50 SEK for either a key to the saunas or the pingpong room.

Again – you are warmly invited to the annual meeting. It will take place in the party room beneath the laundry room on Väktargatan 62.

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