Since the partyroom was redecorated the number of rentals has skyrocketed. This is mostly a positive thing and we are happy that the room is often in use. On the other hand the closest neighbours have experienced an increase in disturbances, such as loud music late at night. Although this is seldom the case the board has felt a need to clarify the conditions of rental.

These are the latest additions:

  • The age limit for renting the partyroom will be raised. You are welcome to rent from the year you turn 20.
  • All damages shall be payed for, primarily by deduction from the deposition.
  • No loud music nor partying outside the partyroom past 24:00 h. Doors and windows shall be kept shut, so the noise does not disturb the neighbours.
  • Major disturbances can be reported to Studentstadens patrolling officers. The cost of this will be billed to the person responsible for the party.
  • To improve the renting experience we will check on the cleaning between rentals.

The purpose of these additional rules is to make things clearer. So that we can keep on providing this service.

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