Over the last weeks several tenants have reported break-ins or attempted break-ins on Väktargatan. This has also affected rooms beloging to the tenants association. Some have reported that a stranger has checked if their doors have been locked. Others have noticed break-in marks on their apartment or laundry room doors.

We therefore ask you to pay extra attention, especially if people do not seem to belong on Väktargatan.

  • Keep your doors locked. Especially when going to sleep.
  • If your apartment is on the ground floor you might want to install a lock on the patio door. (Replace the door handle yourself or ask a locksmith). Security doors can be installed by Studentstaden for 100kr / month.
  • Get a home insurance, it is a good investment should something happen.
  • When going a way for a couple of days – put timers on your lights. Or have someone check on your apartment and taking care of your mail.
  • Do not let strangers into stairwells or laundry rooms.
  • If you see people are trying to / have tried to break into rentable rooms or basements – call Studentstaden. (Customer service for emergencies is open 24/7).
  • All criminal actions, such as break-ins and bike thefts, should be reported to the police. And to your insurance company.


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